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Jess and I have socialised in the same circles for many many years, but only became close while we worked and stayed overnight together for two days down south. She needed someone to help her out on a job, and the candidate needed a strong stomach.. I couldn't help but bite. On the hours long drive, we talked about everything - relationships, what it's like to own a business, to work for ourselves.

Without going into the details of the work we were doing, for me it was an experience that will stay with me forever - the sounds, smells, and emotions, all experienced through layers of PPE. Incidentally, this is one of the only times in my life that I can use to empathize with the measures that health workers need to adhere to to keep themselves and patients safe.

Hot, sweaty, uncomfortable, with seemingly constant boot- and hand-washing. The ear and eye protection necessary to enter the work areas made for a strange detachment from reality - similar to a feeling of being underwater; slow moving and with muffled hearing and vision. The two days spent on site are ones I will never forget.

Our non-posing related chats during our photo session mainly consisted of 'catching up', as we had already connected a little deeper during our time down south.

It was so lovely to see her gorgeous house being molded and shaped to fit her vision of a home, with a garden that just keeps getting more lush, green, and bountiful.

The bonsai mulberry tree is probably my favourite, and the silverbeet and citrus trees. Jess' home is truly aspirational, as it reflects her tastes and needs in a living space, warm and textured with all my favourite colours. We are both enjoying spending time with our animals, dancing inside, listening to music with optional wine.

Jess helped me to understand the particular feeling of loneliness that I have been experiencing, and why spending time with Imogen had scratched that particular itch. In my work, I am constantly meeting strangers, and giving much of myself to discover and understand them in the shortest possible time, in order to make them comfortable (and to enjoy!) being photographed. Meeting new people is a joy to me, and I miss it! Keeping in touch with friends and family is absolutely imperative during this time of physical isolation, but new people are for the most part, cut off for now.

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