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A B O U T  M E 

I wouldn’t spend my time any other way - the honour and responsibility of documenting the most tender of moments brings me so much joy. Spending time in such beautiful parts of the world with such compelling people is a welcome side effect too.


Over eleven years working with a camera has meant that many varied people and things have been recorded with the heavy black box, though my subjects have changed over the past decade, my drive and passion has certainly persisted. Lovers, dancers, musicians, food + drinks, models, old, young, furry, partiers, mourners. I have always found connection with the more emotive aspects of putting light to paper, whether it be digital pixels or analog grain.

Through personal work, I adore exploring embodiments of femininity - it is boundlessly rewarding to show someone a view of themselves that they have never seen, how I see them sparkle, which can contrast starkly with their own perception of self.

Let’s become immersed in the fleeting seconds in between, capturing candid connections and unconstrained affections.  

I treasure the diverse paths that love can take, and embrace lovers of all natures. Whether intensely embracing or contagiously giggling, the intention is to create an intuitive and honest reflection of your personalities; instinctive, spontaneous and free.