September 15, 2016

I am so pleased to see the change in the law of many countries around the world to include LGBTI unions under the legal definition of marriage. 

I am and will always be an openly inclusive wedding vendor. Please keep in mind if considering working with me: no homophobic actions will be tolerated.   


I am deeply disappointed that the country I call home does not (yet) allow for the legal union of same-sex couples. 


The change in the definition of marriage according to law will of course not change the love and commitment between devoted same sex couples. This is a matter of respect; parity between the civil rights afforded to heterosexual and homosexual couples is the only way we can show respect to these people. 


I hope with all of my heart that Australia will keep up with the rest of the modern world and allow for the recognition of the love shared by all. ASAP. WITHOUT a damaging and expensive plebiscite. 


I will continue to attend rallies, volunteer, and stand up for gay rights in everyday life. If you're able, and think that this is an important issue, I would urge you to do the same. LOVE IS LOVE. 



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